• Jan Goes To Foster: A Pittie Rescue Story!

    13 March 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    A small, serious-looking pit bull mix terrier with large wet eyes and a cute, protruding lower lip, part of the pittie rescue work of Twenty Paws Rescue

    Jan is an adorable, adoptable pit bull mix, a pittie rescue through the hard work of Twenty Paws Rescue, and living in foster care in Providence, Rhode Island. She’s available for adoption!

    How Did This Puppy Survive the New York City Winter?

    Because she’s so tiny, the first thing you think is that she’s still a puppy.  And if you give it some more thought, you wonder how a puppy survived this viciously cold winter as a stray on the streets of New York.

    We’re driving to Rhode Island, Jan and me, toward her new foster home outside Providence.  Tiny dog, with the strange name that would better fit your high school friend.  She’s working a bone on the dog bed in back, and I look at her in the rear-view mirror and think, Was she afraid of people, this little New York City stray?  Did she blend in with the feet of the crowded streets, or run away to quiet alleys?  Was she cold?  Did she find a warm place at night, a grate, a box in an alley, a basement door?  Did a family bring her inside on those cold nights, for an hour or a day or maybe a week, until the novelty of a little puppy wore off and they set her down outside?  And then did she wait there, wait for an hour or maybe a day, for them to open the door to her again?  Or did she walk away, eventually, nose to the sidewalk, hungry?


  • When Neglect Rises to Animal Cruelty: Lili’s Story

    12 March 2014/ 2 Comments / by Suzy

    Lili Deserved Better.

    For a decade, the little cocker spaniel lived with a kind of neglect that amounted to cruelty.  She had to wait until the end of her life — and a rescue to save her — to find the kind of love, care, and respect she deserved.

    It was Abandoned Angels, a cocker spaniel rescue in New York, that stepped up for Lili.  I found her biography on PetFinder, and wanted to share her story.

    “Lili is a 15 year old severely neglected Cocker Spaniel who comes to us from Animal Care and Control of NYC, where she was turned in as a stray.

    A soft, but neglected and unhealthy Cocker Spaniel reclines on the floor after being rescued in New York by Abandoned Angels Rescue.

    Lili came to Abandoned Angels after being surrendered to New York Animal Care and Control. She’d been there before — ten years earlier, NYC ACC had let her go to a family who neglected her for ten years.

    “Lili’s life has come full circle. She was adopted out by Animal Control to a member of the public back in 2002 when she was just a youngster. This was such a “quality” home that she found herself dumped on the street 11 years later in such horrific condition that it brings tears to our eyes. Our vet sees no evidence of Lili having received any care in a decade or more. In his words, “This did not happen overnight.”


  • Run. Love. Dog. Repeat.

    03 March 2014/ 2 Comments / by Suzy

    A grid of colorful, energetic dog pictures, including puppies and heeler-mixes, from the Instagram account "Run_Love_Dog"Take Some Photo Tips From a Little Red Heeler

    By pure chance I came across Run_Love_Dog, an Instagram account starring a little red heeler mix named Sophie, and managed by the talented artist Lauren LaBeau Steadley.

    And, so far, I haven’t found another dog-centric Instagram account that’s as good, as consistently, breath-takingly good, as Run_Love_Dog.

    What makes Lauren’s pictures so good is her compositions, the way her dog Sophie and, often, her foster pups, take center stage against a backdrop of (usually) Oklahoma sunsets, snowy fields, naked trees. 


  • Lilly the Pitbull’s a Hero (and Our Newest Pocket Pittie)!

    02 March 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    Some dogs are just born to do great things. 

    I think I can say that I’ve met a few dogs who fit this description, dogs who you can look in the eye and know, here is a friend who will throw himself in harm’s way to save you if it came to that. (I’m pretty sure it’s not my dog Charlie but, hey.  That’s what makes Lilly’s story exceptional).

    It can probably be said of Lilly in 2009 that she was just like so many unwanted pets — especially pit bulls — in American shelters, when David picked her out. (What is it that makes us choose one dog over another, knowing that this relationship can possibly last fifteen years or more?  And faced with so many equally-agreeable dogs in need of a home?)



    David, a Boston police officer, was In search of a companion for his mom. Probably he looked at a lot of dogs that day, and if they were pit bulls (almost surely they were, because most shelter dogs are), they came in all different shapes and colors.

    How do you choose?

    “It was love at first sight for both of us, and after a walk, she knew she had to do something to show us how she felt.”

    When they stopped at his car and David opened the trunk to get her a treat, Lilly immediately jumped in.  This was her car, her family, and she was going home.

    As David tells it, the time would come for Lilly to repay David.  Three years after Lilly came home, David’s mom was walking with Lilly when the woman fell unconscious on the railroad tracks, in front of an oncoming train.  Lilly pushed and pulled her to safety, but Lilly wasn’t so lucky. She was struck by the train, critically injuring her rear pelvis and suffering the loss of her right front leg.

    She underwent a long rehabilitiation process, while her story and courage earned her the media nickname, “Lilly the Hero Pit Bull”.

    David says, “There’s nothing she can’t do now that she couldn’t do before.  She spends her days as a breed ambassador to help dogs like Lilly get adopted, and to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and the importance to adopt and not shop!”

    While we don’t know what happens in the mind of a dog when she decides to put her own life at risk.  But these stories make me wonder, over and over, at the startling connection between people and their pets.  They make me a little sad for the dogs, homeless and alone, who are capable of this kind of extraordinary devotion, but haven’t been given the chance.

    LILLY_hero_pitbull_CATALOGUE5_loI love this dog.  She has warmth and good humor in her eyes, and she wears her scars as proof of that love.  Forget the daring and loyalty part.  A dog willing to do what she did is pure love.

    Lilly is a hero, and she’s also the latest Pocket Pittie from CharlieDog and Friends.

    Every purchase of a Lilly Pocket Pittie will send a $4.00 donation to Lilly’s Fund, a foundation set up by David and volunteers to raise money for pit bull and homeless dog-related causes.  You can purchase the Pocket Pittie version of Lilly here.

  • Upload Your Rescue Pet Photos to CharlieDogs!

    22 January 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    Going home: A dog leaves New York City, heading to his new home in Pennsylvania.

    Going home: A dog leaves New York City, heading to his new home in Pennsylvania.

    I don’t know about you, but I love talking about my two rescued dogs, Charlie and Wolf (They love hiking.  They are old and grumpy.  They’re the best thing I ever did).

    So when we decided to change up the website a little bit, we thought we’d make it easier for others to talk about their adopted pets, as well.

    We’ve made the site more sociable.  We’ve added a gallery page of rescued pets that you love, and it’s full of pictures and stories about YOUR pets.  I think my favorite part is that you can add descriptions and stories of how your pet came to live with you (these stories are my favorites, because they really show what we get from our pets, and not just what they get from us).

    So if you have just a minute, we’d be so happy if you’d spend it showing off your pets.  You can go to the front page, and scroll down to the box that says, “Share Your Story”.  Upload a picture or two (or more!) and a little story or description of your buddy (or buddies).  It’ll take us a minute to process and upload to our gallery.

  • Dog Goes to the Beach. And it Takes Ten Seconds For This to Happen.

    17 January 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    Humorous: A clean shaggy dog runs to the beach and becomes a rat-looking dog in about thirty seconds.

    Pretty much says “Summer” to me.





    Adopt a dog.  Take him to the beach this summer.  And this is pretty much the definition of “Summer”.