• What A Shower Head Would Be Best For A Nursing Home

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    Elderly patients or patients on wheelchairs in nursing homes require a shower too. Various services are offered in a nursing home whereby bathing is among those of top priority. All patients in a nursing home should be provided with adequate hygiene services. Showering is among the best health services that are offered in any nursing home. However, the showers should drip differently and be transformed in a unique way that keeps the patients' safety. Therefore, the shower heads in a nursing home should be unique and safe for use by the patients. Moreover, various reasons call for selecting showers over bathtubs in a nursing home.

    Advantages of Using Showers versus Bathtubs in a Nursing Home

    -   Showers utilize small space when compared to baths. Bathrooms with showers measure approximately 36 by 36 inches whereas a bath can occupy a minimal space of 72 inches long. Therefore, it is recommendable to use showers than baths in a nursing home.

    -   Showers saves water when compared to baths. An average bathtub takes approximately 25 to 30 gallons of water per single bath whereas an energy efficient shower head utilizes about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, taking a quick shower is cost-effective.

    -   Bathtubs are inaccessible to the elderly and critically ill patients, separate showers. It is hard for older persons and overall patients to climb into a tub especially for those who are in a wheelchair.

    Therefore, it is important to choose the best shower heads over bathtubs in any nursing home. However, the shower to choose should be efficient to be used by patients on a wheelchair and those who are critically ill to minimize accidents during bathing. Moreover, there are various factors to consider before installing a shower in a nursing home. They include they cost of the shower, energy efficiency to save water, and the minimum space it will occupy. Additionally, it is typical for nursing homes to install showers that are portable with wheelchairs so that you can access the patient wherever he or she is.

    Factors to Consider when Selecting a Shower Head for a Nursing Home

    -   How the head is designed and the spray patterns should be a top priority when choosing a shower head for any nursing home.

    -   Consider the finishes and the material of the shower head and the color should match other features of the bathroom or the wheelchair if it is a portable shower.

    -   Consider the water pressure in your nursing home and the flow rate of the shower head. The flow rate is measured in Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

    -   Consider the shower systems that are supported by the shower head that you are about to buy for your nursing home. You can customize the shower so that it offers a broad range of showering experiences that will make the patients much comfortable.

    -   Also, consider other optional features such as shower arm extenders that will increase the comfortability of patients while showering.

    Features of a Typical Shower Head in a Nursing Home

    -   It should use 2.5 gallons or less of water per minute. This is cost-effective since the amount of water used is saved. Therefore, it is recommended to seek information on water usage if the shower head is installed before purchasing.

    -   The shower head should be compatible with a hot shower device. Most patients require hot showers to keep their body temperature within normal ranges.

    -   The shower should cascade water directly from above with even distributions to ensure the water reaches all parts of the body. In other words, the shower should have full body sprays. Full body sprays to make sure that muscle tension is relieved to bring a soothing effect on the body which is necessary for all patients not only in a nursing hospital but also in any health care facility.

    -   The shower head should have an attractive color. Stainless steel is the most appropriate material for a shower head in a nursing home. Stainless steel does not show water spots, and it has a modern appearance which makes it attractive hence improving the patient's showering experience in a nursing home.

    -   The shower should accommodate the current water pressure in your nursing home. Most shower heads are efficient with high water pressure systems. If your nursing home has low water pressure systems, consider showers that can be useful with little water pressure.

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