• March Spotlight: Red Hook Dog Rescue

    22 January 2014/ 1 Comment / by Suzy
    Red Hook Dog Rescue's Sweetcakes

    Red Hook Dog Rescue’s Sweecakes

    Some rescues take on the really hard cases.  And win.  Meet Red Hook Dog Rescue.

    I first came across Red Hook Dog Rescue via their Facebook page.  They posted that they were in need of a photographer to take pictures of their dogs in a boarding kennel in Pennsylvania.

    I photographed three Red Hook dogs that day in summer (it was incredibly hot, as you can see from the pictures I took of dogs with their tongues hanging out.  Way out).

    One of these dogs, Lexi, would a three-legged, large, goofy and playful mastiff.  And as she stumbled along, her body tripping over itself in her enthusiasm for just about everything, I thought, who is going to claim this dog for their family?  What chance does Lexi have?

    Another dog, Sweetcakes (above) was just as lovely-looking as can be, but I was warned that she can be “mouthy” or “nippy”, and that it might take her some time to warm up.  (I have almost never found this to be the case with dogs who meet me, and I’m sure it’s because, within five minutes after stepping out of the shower, I’ve attracted the dog hair of my two shepherds.  I smell Of Dog.  They like me.)

    Well, the beauty of Red Hook Rescue is that they don’t give up.  They seem to work hard at not getting in over their heads by taking on too many dogs — that way lies madness, and is unfair to the dogs already in their care — and moreover, they don’t forget about their boarded dogs.

    All three dogs I photographed that day last summer have found loving homes.  Not because of my pictures, but because of the well-reasoned, restrained, mature approach to dog rescue and the unflagging enthusiasm of Red Hook Dog Rescue’s volunteers.

    Red Hook Dog Rescue is our “Rescue of the Month”.  Two dollars from every “Adopt” collar bracelet will be donated to Red Hook, and we will try to photograph as many of their homeless, available pets as possible to help get them into forever homes.

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