Pocket Pitties Set of 7

Our smallest plush toys, based on the All-American mutt, the survivor, the bruised but not broken: The Pit Bull Terrier.

A year ago, I found the Facebook page Bruised Not Broken, not knowing how much the faces of so many homeless pit bulls would change things for me.  I would quickly learn that BNB has that affect on animal lovers all over the country.  Nightly, the page displays photographs of “at risk” pit bulls, and the search goes out for a loving, forever home.

Today we remain in awe of the work done on that page by Brooke and Dave, by Carol Rothschild and Suki Sin and others, by Anne Galvin, and by all the New York area rescues that come together daily to save lives, have their hearts broken, do it again the next day, and the next.

Pocket Pitties were inspired by the tireless, ceaseless advocacy and rescue efforts of Bruised Not Broken, and we’ve based our first “edition” of these mini pups on BNB “alumni”.

Willow, Mark, Adala, Ruko, Niko, Jeffrey were all saved from death through the efforts of BNB, and Luca is that most famous pittie face and mascot behind Bruised Not Broken.

Price: $99