Brooke Slater, the founder of Bruised Not Broken, describes her beloved pet — and the inspiration for both BNB and our pure-white, speckled Pocket Pittie — this way:

“Luca is a furry rock star born with stark white fur, a freckled belly, two different colored eyes and a heart of gold!

“From his dynamic, gentle and loving personality to his sexy good looks, Luca is a breed ambassador who spreads positive Pit Bull awareness everywhere he goes, with everything he does. Luca was born 100% deaf and communicates via hand signals and “energy”, placing him in the unique position of constantly needing to read people and situations to understand what’s happening. As such, Luca is a remarkably intuitive and sensitive dog!

“Since his rescue from a shelter in NYC in 2009, he has become a certified therapy dog and community serviceman. He works with children and students of all ages around NYC to open minds and hearts to the plight of Pit Bull dogs everywhere, while showing the community just how fabulous shelter dogs are.

“To that end, Luca inspired the creation of Bruised Not Broken (taking the role of C.E.O.) and regularly contributes to their ever-growing national movement (facebook/BruisedNotBrokenRescue). Luca is cherished and loved beyond measure by his family…even when he steals a sneaker or hogs the bed!”

All our Pocket Pitties are 7″ tall when seated.  They’re made of super-soft velour, and slightly weighted with beans in the butt to keep them in their “good dog” position!  Eyes and features are embroidered onto the toy, so you won’t have to worry about plastic parts.

All Pocket Pitties are lovingly inspected, dressed with our unique “Adopt” collar bracelets (which are perfectly suitable to wear as a bracelet on a human arm).  They are sent through the mail after being nestled into a bed of colorful crinkle paper, then wrapped in (slightly) fragrant tissue paper and closed with a CharlieDog seal.  Included with your purchase is a postcard of the real-life dog, and his/her story, and a Facebook card for Bruised Not Broken (who welcomes your friendship).  The boxes are sealed and labeled “Special Delivery”.

If you’d like to include a gift card with your purchase, let us know.  We’d hand-write your message on an Erica Sirotich-designed CharlieDog gift card, and seal it in an embossed, glassine envelope.

Order before 3pm, and your order ships will go out the door that same day.

*Please note:  The jacket and scarf pictured are not available at this time, but we’d like to know: would you pick up some fancy coat-tails, or a scarf for your toy, if they were?  We’re thinking of next Christmas.  Thanks!

Price: $16.99

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