Gypsy:  Our Plush Toy Australian Cattle Dog, Based on a Real-Life Shelter Rescue from Potsdam, New York

***SPECIAL DONATION ALERT!  From October to November 15, 2014, CharlieDog and Friends will donate the entire $35.00 purchase price of our Gypsy toy to Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association and Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc to help them meet the costs associated with a very sad hoarding case in Mississippi.  Both groups will be taking in abandoned cattle dogs, and will need funds to vet and feed them.  THANK YOU!

Gypsy is as close to being a purebred dog as we have at CharlieDogs; she’s an Australian Cattle Dog, and she’s unique!  Described by our youngest fan as “the pirate dog”, Gypsy’s eye patch goes perfectly with her black and white merle shaggy fabric.  Gypsy was adopted from the Potsdam Humane Society in Potsdam, NY as a 6-month-old (how cute is that?) and has been introduced to sheep herding with a local stock dog club, as well as agility obstacles.

She is maturing nicely and learning quickly. She has to have the best temperment I have ever seen in an Australian Cattle Dog…she gets along super with every dog she has met, lives with cats and is not at all wary of strangers. –Rebecca Adams

CharlieDog’s “Gypsy” toy is 18″ long, and weighty at 3/4 pound.  She’s made with her own black-and-white shaggy merle fabric, with satin ears and child-safe embroidered eyes and nose.  Like all CharlieDog toys, she wears a colorful collar, embroidered with the word “Adopt”.  She has a serial number (from 1 to 2000) on her care tag, and his name embroidered on a patch on her leg.

Five dollars of every “Gypsy” purchased is donated to Potsdam Humane Society in Potsdam, New York.

Price: $35

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