Cover Girl

Cover Girl is a survivor of one of single largest cat rescue operations in history.  She was taken in by Shadow Cats rescue and restored to the supermodel of health you see here.  We regret to tell you her namesake bracelet (for people!), in Michael Miller’s “Nearby Floral”, can’t nearly compete with the beauty and lustre in Cover Girl’s eyes.  But it’s not bad.

The purchase of your bracelet triggers a three dollar donation to our rescue cause of the month.  Check our front page and Facebook page ( to see who your purchase is supporting.

Collars are 1/2″ wide, and are easily adjustable to 10″.  They can be made as small as 7″, without covering the word “Adopt”, for little wrists.  The buckle has a side release and is also easy to undo.

While all our collar bracelets are made for people, they are also suitable for small dogs and are fortified inside with strong nylon webbing.   NEVER use these collars on your cat, as the buckles are not “quick release”.  Your CharlieDog toy may also enjoy the change of wardrobe; all our collars fit our plush dogs and cats.

You can throw your collar bracelets in the washing machine and dryer if they get a little dirty, or spot-wash them by hand.  You can expect some light fading over time, with washing.

Bear in mind that patterns on the cloth “repeat”, and so your bracelet pattern placement may vary from the one shown on the website.

Price: $10