• Plain and Useful Tips to Repairing an Air Mattress

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    Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to blow up a mattress full of air? When you're tired and don't feel like putting in the time and effort to blow it up, you're going to need some help. Sometimes mattresses contain leaks or holes that prevent you from filling your air mattress with air. When it comes to repairing an air mattress, there are some things you'll need to fix that nasty hole. But before we discuss that, we're going to quickly discuss the advantages of repairing an air mattress by yourself (and what the mattress companies won't tell you). A mattress will typically last 10 to 20 years, depending how well you take care of it. A mattress with a hole, however, may not last as long. It's essential when buying a blow up mattress to make sure the brand you purchase has a guarantee which is reliable. Some people tend to purchase a few air beds at a time and spend the next couple weeks testing them out. It's up to you on how spend your time and money but in the long term, it may be beneficial to obtain the best mattress while you still can.

    Before we get started let's make sure you own the proper equipment. In this demonstration you will need:

    *   Cleansing soap

    *   Duct tape

    *   Super glue

    *   1 Moist Wipe

    *   A good attitude

    The Basics of Repairing an air mattress

    Now that you have the necessities, we'll begin by cleaning the area where you have either a leak/hole. Use your soap to clean the affected region. You may also use your wet wipe to disinfect the spot. When you have that cleaned off, make sure to dry the area with a clean towel (preferably one that just come out of the dryer. The heat of the towel will cause the precipitation on the air bed to evaporate, leaving a clean, smooth surface to work on). Once you've dried the area, place a piece of duct tape over the hole. When taking off a strip of duct tape, make sure you don't touch the sticky side to anything. We don't want dust covering your hole.

    The ultimate Details of Repairing an air mattress

    Now you will place your duct tape piece on a clean dining room table, with the sticky side upward. Take your super glue and cover the sticky side.

    **Note: You'll need to work quickly on this part. Once the adhesive is on the tape, pick up the tape and put it over the hole (using the sticky side down). Press firmly until the duct tape is stuck to the mattress. Once you've completed this step, you're moving toward a good night sleep. Step back. Admire your work. You can do anything you set your mind to!

    The other common air mattress that can be solved include;

    1.   The mattress slides

    If the bottom of the mattress keeps on sliding on the floor, you can try placing a small rug underneath. This will prevent the mattress from sliding off. If the top of the mattress is a little slippery, try using bed covers that are made from cotton. They stay in place and they do not slide off.

    2.   The mattress is too low

    If the thickness is not enough for you, you can try using a platform for your mattress. Have a simple platform custom-made for your bed. This will also provide better support for the air mattress.

    3.   The mattress smells bad

    Most air beds have chemicals incorporated in them. That being said, they tend to smell like plastic when they are new. You should air it out for a few days. This will help get rid of the smell. You can also try sprinkling baking soda on the mattress. Baking soda works well in removing unwanted mattress odor. Let it sit there for an hour before vacuuming or wiping it off.

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