• October Rescue: Abandoned Dogs of Ruff Start Rescue NY

    01 October 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    Boarding was a lonely place.  Your bracelet purchase will help Nicola pay for training and a place to live, until these two are home.

    I could probably wallpaper my house with the mournful pictures of all the dogs my friend Nicola has saved from meeting their end at the Manhattan ACC.

    When she heard that several former shelter dogs were languishing in boarding in Westchester, she wanted to do something beyond gripe about it — so the very amazing Nicola got to work getting them out, starting Abandoned Dogs of Ruff Start Rescue NY, and finding most of them homes.

    Now, two beautiful dogs — Petey and Reese — remain without forever homes, and she’s paying for their training and boarding.


    “Petey (formerly Ferdinand) and Reese are both at True Companion in Pennsylvania.  It is a fabulous board and train facility that goes above and beyond to give the dogs stability, exercise and structure they need to thrive.

    These are GREAT guys that need experienced owners, and we are working hard to find them just that. “

    The full purchase price of our bracelets — $10.00 — goes directly and immediately to their care.

    For the month of October, ALL $10.00 of the purchase price of our “ADOPT” collar bracelets will be donated to Abandoned Dogs of Ruff Start Rescue NY.

    Buy a bracelet to donate $10 to Nicola and the Abandoned Dogs of Ruff Start: CLICK TO TWEET!

    These are tidy little stocking-stuffers, “Secret Santa” gifts for your shelter co-volunteers, shows of appreciation, etc.  They are NOT for your pet — they’re for you.  Li’l collars.  To wear.

    Reese and Petey say “Rank roo! RANK ROO!”

    Colorful, "Adopt" collar bracelets, from CharlieDog and Friends, will help a Manhattan ACC volunteer pay for boarding and training for two abandoned pit bull terriers, Reese and Petey.

    Shop all 12 of our “Adopt” collar bracelets, here!

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