• When Neglect Rises to Animal Cruelty: Lili’s Story

    12 March 2014/ 2 Comments / by Suzy

    Lili Deserved Better.

    For a decade, the little cocker spaniel lived with a kind of neglect that amounted to cruelty.  She had to wait until the end of her life — and a rescue to save her — to find the kind of love, care, and respect she deserved.

    It was Abandoned Angels, a cocker spaniel rescue in New York, that stepped up for Lili.  I found her biography on PetFinder, and wanted to share her story.

    “Lili is a 15 year old severely neglected Cocker Spaniel who comes to us from Animal Care and Control of NYC, where she was turned in as a stray.

    A soft, but neglected and unhealthy Cocker Spaniel reclines on the floor after being rescued in New York by Abandoned Angels Rescue.

    Lili came to Abandoned Angels after being surrendered to New York Animal Care and Control. She’d been there before — ten years earlier, NYC ACC had let her go to a family who neglected her for ten years.

    “Lili’s life has come full circle. She was adopted out by Animal Control to a member of the public back in 2002 when she was just a youngster. This was such a “quality” home that she found herself dumped on the street 11 years later in such horrific condition that it brings tears to our eyes. Our vet sees no evidence of Lili having received any care in a decade or more. In his words, “This did not happen overnight.”

    “Lili’s teeth have completely rotted through, with her mouth so infected that blood is pouring from her nose. She is so physically debilitated that she has now developed sores and lesions all over her neck and all along her spine. Her nails have grown so long that they have become embedded in her paw pads, causing her such severe pain that she cries when she takes a step. She is in addition blind in one eye, with the other so infected that her remaining vision is now jeopardized too. Both ears are infected as well. We are appalled that anyone would allow a dog’s condition to deteriorate to this degree. There can be NO EXCUSE for neglect so severe that it rises to the level of animal cruelty.

    “Adding insult to injury, Lili is an extraordinarily sweet girl with a very mild disposition. If any animal deserves to be loved and cared for in its golden years, certainly it is this gentle, sweet and angelic soul.”

    Lili is Fostered

    I was so happy to read the following update, and know that Lili had landed in good hands:

    Soft cocker spaniel dog, Lili, is cradled in the arms of her foster dad.

    Lili with her foster dad. Is this not what every dog deserves? Why do some dogs fare so poorly? Don’t we wish this for them all?

    “Lili has received a dental and multiple rotted teeth have now been extracted. Her mouth is feeling much better! At the same time a large growth was removed from her shoulder, which was sadly discovered to be malignant. We do not know how much time she has. We are happy to relay that Lili has found a safe and loving foster home in Manhattan, where she appears to be flourishing. We expect that she will live out her life in this environment, happy and contented.”

    Best of all, Abandoned Angels posted a picture of Lili with her foster dad. 

    Abandoned Angels has done a spectacular job with Lili: with her rescue, with her placement, and especially with this wonderful but heartbreaking description and biography.  Are you looking for a cocker spaniel to adopt or foster?  Check out their website, Facebook page and Petfinder page.  They have such a large selection of beautiful faces looking for homes.  They’d also deeply appreciate your donation, or simply a “share” for their available dogs.  Pick one that you can’t resist, and share his or her story.


    Vanilla Chip is a rescued Cocker Spaniel in the care of Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue.  See her biography on Petfinder, and share!

    Vanilla Chip is a rescued Cocker Spaniel in the care of Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue. See her biography on Petfinder, and share!


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  1. I love your blog! I wish I could adopt all of these sweet little dogs. It is so sad to hear their stories and you are doing such a fabulous job helping them! Thank you.

    • Suzy says:

      Hi Liz! Thanks for your comment — and, of course, I’m right on top of things (not :0)

      I saw Paula yesterday and she told me about your blog. If that’s not the best! One of my favorite blogs that’s a little like The Wry Home is The Decorologist. Great advice! I look forward to reading it, Liz!

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