• How Our Bracelets Can Save Dogs’ Lives

    01 December 2014/ No Comment / by Suzy

    We’ll use all $10.00 from each “Adopt” collar bracelet sold to advertise “At Risk” dogs on our Facebook page.

    If you’ve visited our Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed that a big part of our posts is dogs that are homeless and in need of a family, especially in New York.  And you may have also seen us post, occasionally, what we call the “Urgent”, “At Risk” or TBD (To Be Destroyed) dogs.

    These are the dogs that the New York City shelter has determined must find a home by the next day, or be put to sleep for space in the shelter.  And, like it or not, those are the rules of this crazy game we play when we fall in love with an “At Risk” dog.

    At CharlieDog and Friends, when we’re asked, or when we ourselves can’t resist the puppy eyes of an endangered dog, we’ll post him on Facebook and hope he gets shared to that one family who can be his hero.


    Facebook is Making Posts from Pages Nearly Disappear in the News Feed

    Ah, it’s so frustrating.  Our Facebook fans number nearly 20,000, but a very small fraction of those fans actually see our posts.  Facebook has recently changed their algorithm, making it much, much less likely that you or your friends will ever see our posted At Risk dogs.  Like all other business pages, we are almost required by Facebook to pay to promote our posts.

    So we’re going to try something different, in a way that allows you to help out, and maybe even be the difference in whether a “death row” dog finds a new family.

    Proceeds From Our Bracelets Will Boost Each Dog’s Post.  Buy a Bracelet = Sponsor a Dog’s Facebook Post, and Watch it Spread!

    In the past, we’ve used nearly all the proceeds from our “Adopt” collar bracelets as special fundraisers: to help pay boarding costs, transport fees, to raise money for vet bills, to help school groups help local shelters.

    But now, we will be using all proceeds from these bracelets to reach a wider audience for our “Death Row” posts.  (I hate writing that.  I really do.  But it’s real, and it’s true: so many dogs loose their lives needlessly because they are brought in to the NYC ACC system — which puts dogs to sleep regularly — and aren’t seen by potential adopters or fosters).



    Every time you buy a $10.00 “Adopt” collar bracelet, we’ll use all ten dollars to boost an “urgent” dog’s thread.  We’ll specifically target the Facebook audience in his or her geographic area, to make sure the right potential adopters and fosters see him.  We won’t boost a New York dog’s profile in California, for example.

    If the dog’s a shepherd, a St. Bernard, an Akita, or any other specific breed that’s unusual in a shelter, we’ll also target him to Facebook users who claim those dogs as an interest.

    By purchasing a rescue bracelet for ten dollars, you will be allowing us to pay for ten dollars worth of promotion for these dogs.  In most cases, a ten dollar boost results in exposures of thousands of people’s timelines — rather than hundreds.

    We’ll also post in comments the names of people who are sponsoring the post, through a purchase (or donation*)

    How Effective is it?

    Last week, we posted a set of pictures for Leo, a small, fluffy Maltese at the Manhattan shelter (Leo was rescued by Next Stop Forever, Inc, along with another fluffy feller named Koko.)  The post reached 434 people.

    Now, if that same post had been “boosted” with $20.00, we would have reached into the neighborhood of 11,000 news feeds.  Only ten dollars still ensures that Leo and Koko would have shown up in the news feeds of 6,500 people in the Northeast area — even more, once the shares get started.

    Say what you will about how Facebook has changed, how it’s no longer the free ride it was, how little exposure our posts get.  But you have to admit: twenty dollars to reach the news feeds of thousands and thousands of people, in a specific geographic area, almost instantaneously (or at least for the 18 hours a dog is listed on the “To Be Destroyed” list) — well, that’s pretty good.

    We don’t know what will happen here.  But let’s give it a shot.

    (*You may also donate, using our Paypal button.  ALL donations will be used to boost “Urgent” posts, and target our posts geographically).

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