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Rescuers, Like You.

When we say we care about homeless pets, we really mean it.  CharlieDog and Friends — our fledgling toy company — was launched in 2012 not because we love stuffed animals, but because we wanted to do something to help America’s homeless pets.  Or at least, in the  early going, animals in our area, in downstate New York.

And so we threw ourselves into a business we knew, literally, nothing about.  But we took a page from small animal rescue operations everywhere, and it comes down to a credo so simple: Just get out there and do it.

Six months into selling Kathy Voerg-designed plush dogs and cats, we are happy to say we’ve donated thousands of dollars to area rescues and shelters through the sale of our bracelets and plush toys big and small.

We’ve also made significant donations of toys to therapy and companion human/dog teams, to schools, to personal requests after Hurricane Sandy, and to toy drives, as well as to rescues raising money, through auctions and other fundraisers.

And it’s all been in the service of our core vision: to change how we see the American pet, the homeless shelter dog or cat, the way we go about bringing our new family member home.

Maybe you’ve rescued your dog or cat (or bunny).  Maybe you come across a request online for donations to a shelter, a rescue, and you can’t say no.  Maybe you volunteer, or just help spread the word that shelter pets make the world’s best friends.  Maybe it comes down to a credo  so simple: “Don’t Shop.  Adopt.”

We — and millions of other homeless-animal-loving, can’t-say-no-to-a-good-chipin-giving pet owners across the country — are with you.

Above: Hazel, a 10-year-old pit bull mix, with her adopter and permanent “Mom”.  Both Hazel and her 10-year-old brother Stone were adopted by this angel when their time was up.  CharlieDogs transported them to Virginia to start their new life; Zanis Furry Friends was the rescue that “pulled” them from the shelter, saving their lives.

Thank you for caring, and for your love of the little ones.

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